Referral Information

We have found that the following documents included in the initial referral packet aid us greatly in assessing the referred family and in the writing of our reports.

  • Court orders
  • Birth certificates
  • Social Security card/number
  • Service Plan
  • Visitation Plan
  • Psychological/psychiatric evaluations
  • Counseling reports
  • School reports
  • Individual Education Plan
  • Medical/dental records
  • Medications/prescriptions
  • Title IV-E verification


At the time of placement...

In order to assist the family in obtaining an Illinois Medical Card, documentation of the child's Title IV-E eligibility must be provided in the form of a statement on the sending state's letterhead. The statement should include the child's name, birthdate, Social Security Number, the date of placement in Illinois, and confirmation that IV-E eligibility has been established. This statement should be faxed to Kmetko & Associates, Ltd. at 773.687.9812.

If the child is on any medications, a 90-day supply should be provided to the caregiver.

Please notify Kmetko & Associates, Ltd. that placement is occurring. A supervision worker will then be assigned to assist in the transition process.


What helps placements work?

There are many components that contribute to a successful placement, including:

  • An evaluation of the prospective caregiver's readiness and ability to care for the referred child,
  • An understanding of the needs of the child to be placed,
  • Pre-placement planning with the caregiver and referring caseworker,
  • Supervision services that continue long enough for long-term permanency goals to be achieved (minimum of 6 months),
  • Access to services needed for the child being placed,
  • Use of local resources (e.g. adoption lawyers) to help achieve permanency outcomes


Helpful resources

Call 800.25.ABUSE to report child abuse and neglect in Illinois

Other states' child welfare information for hotline numbers and/or agency websites

APHSA website for more information about the Interstate Compact

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program for resources and information

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for services including how to become a foster parent, etc.

Neighborhood Board of Health Clinics provide basic medical services on a sliding scale

Chicago Public Schools