The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) came into effect in the early 1960s. It outlines the mandatory legal process that must be followed before a child can be placed from one state to another for the purposes of relative placement, foster care, and adoption. The purpose of the ICPC is to ensure that children who are placed across state lines are guaranteed the same protections, services, and financial and jurisdictional safeguards as children placed in substitute care within their home state. 

Kmetko & Associates, Ltd. provides the following Interstate services:

Home Studies

Requested when a state wishes to place a child or children, for whom the sending state has legal responsibility, with a caregiver in Illinois.

Home studies are comprehensive written reports regarding a family's background and appropriateness for placement of the referred child. Recommendations for placement and/or other services are included in the reports.

Adoption Conversion Studies

Requested when a permanency plan changes from foster care to adoption. Includes same information as home studies, and evaluation of appropriateness of adoption.

Licensing Studies

Requested when a home needs to be licensed in order for a child to be placed, and/or in order for the family to receive board payments. These studies include background checks, completion of medical exams, home inspections, written references, and foster parent training. Could take 3-4 months to complete.

Supervision Services

Requested when a child is placed. Includes monthly in-person contact with all children placed through the Interstate Compact, collaboration with sending state, referrals to appropriate services, and comprehensive quarterly reports.


We offer consultation and training to professionals working with children and families. Please contact us for more information.

Current Openings

The agency is currently interested in contracting with Spanish-speaking social workers to prepare home studies. If interested, please see the agency’s current advertisement on Indeed.