Our staff are experienced professionals with knowledge of child welfare and the Interstate placement process.



Vivian Chambers, BA - Interstate Services Licensing Representative

Abdi Corona, MSW - Interstate Services Specialist

Stacy Davies, BSW - Interstate Services Licensing Representative

Anissa Dean, LCSW - Intestate Services Licensing Supervisor

Fred Dillon, LCSW - Interstate Services Administrator

Maria Figueroa, BA - Administrative Assistant

Lindsey Frystak, BSW - Interstate Services Specialist II

Tim Garvey, LCSW - Interstate Services Administrator

Theresa Grisco, MA - Interstate Services Specialist

Kristy Kaufman, BSW - Interstate Services Specialist

Laurie Kaufman, LCSW - Interstate Services Supervisor

Tom Kmetko, LCSW - Executive Director

LaDon Moore, BA - Interstate Services Specialist

Christian Ovalle, BS - Information Technology Specialist

Tracey Peters, BA - Interstate Services Specialist

Celeste Richmond, LCSW - Interstate Services Supervisor

Stephanie Robinson, BSW - Interstate Services Specialist II

Semah Shammas, MSW - Interstate Services Associate Supervisor

Nicole Thomas, BA - Interstate Services Specialist

Paula Williams, BA - Interstate Services Licensing Representative



Jennifer Barron, LCSW

Michele Belanski, LCSW

Linda Bjur, LCSW

Angela Broom, LCSW

Michelle Campos, MSW

Kate Chung, LCSW

Latreece DIckerson PsyD

Traci Clements, LCSW

Mike Helfgot, MSW

Alisa Jackson-Comer, LCSW

Marta Johnson, LCSW

Nicole Kozeneski, SSP, NCSP

Caroline, Kritzalis, LCSW

Shelia Lacy, MJ

Suzanne Klosinski, MSW

Jennifer Mangiaracina, LSW

Kimberly Matthews, MSW

Joanna Miller, LCSW

Meg O'Rourke, LCSW

Julie Ovalle, LSW

Ramon Ovalle, MSW

Lora Salley, LCSW

Cathleen Schiller, MA

Anna Tuccoli, LCSW

Melinda Turner, MA, LPC

Glorymar Vazquez, BA

Carla Velasquez, LCSW

R. David Whiting, LCSW

Melody Wilson, MSW

Diane Wright, LSW